This Cream Puff formula is celebrated in my family and with everybody I’ve ever served them too.

These cream puffs are not at all like any others you will have had some time recently. For my mom’s popular cream puffs, the mystery lies in her astounding filling. A few attempt to pass off a

filling of dull vanilla pudding. Not this time.This filling does have a pudding base but with the expansion of overwhelming cream whipped in you fair can’t go off-base. It is wealthy, debauched and

everything a cream puff filling ought to be! The shells are moreover ultra light making them the idealize vessel to hold all of that yummy cream! You’ll be able indeed make the shells ahead of time

and solidify them! You’ll be able make the cream a day ahead, as well.At that point fair stuff them some time recently serving. I have indeed stuffed them the night some time recently and they

were culminate the another day. I would fair hold off on the powdered sugar or it can get offbeat within the refrigerator


o 1 adhere butter (8 Tablespoons)

o 1 container water

o 1 tsp vanilla

4 eggs

o 1c flour

o MOM’S Popular FILLING:

o 1 half quart overwhelming cream

o 1 bundle (3.4 OUNCES) moment vanilla pudding

o ⅓ container milk

How To Form MOM’S Celebrated CREAM PUFFS

1. Bring the butter, water and vanilla to a bubble.

2. Include the flour and mix continually until it clears out the side of the pot and shapes a ball.

3. Evacuate and cool.

4.Beat in 4 eggs, one at a time until smooth.


5. Drop by T. onto material lined cookie sheets

6. Prepare at 400 degrees for approximately 25-30 minutes.


8. Cut in half and pipe or scoop in Mom’s filling.

9.Tidy with powdered sugar.

10. Filling:

11. Beat the cream, pudding powder and drain in a blender until thick like whipped cream!

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